Why Us?

We are innovators and our playground is the world of data. We have been around for over two decades now and are constantly growing.

EMARK Analytics is a data analytics and digital transformation advisory company, helping people to get more value from their data. Over the course of the years, we have guided hundreds of businesses end enterprises around the world in building, adopting, and maintaining their data solutions. We deeply focus on proven technologies such as Qlik, Inphinity, Snowflake, and others. Our team of more than 50 specialists is ready to address every data challenge you might have.

EMARK Analytics is a member of EMARK Group consisting of EMARK Analytics EMEA based in Bratislava servicing European market, EMARK Analytics APAC with HQ in Sydney Australia, and Inphinity a product company based in London and servicing the whole world.

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Data technology innovators and opinion leaders
Helping with anything around data
Hundreds of customers across the globe
23 years in the world of data
Offices in 5 countries, 2 continents
50+ experts on data technologies

Our Goals

Our ultimate goal is to bring the customer the highest possible value from their data.

Data is a new oil. Businesses are generating vast amounts of ever-growing data and the ability to utilize it is already making all the difference in the world. Here is where we step in with our “everything around data” competence. As early adopters and technology innovators we challenge our clients and help them with every aspect of the data – unlocking the insights; driving innovation; improving their customer’s experience; reducing costs and exploiting capabilities better; tackling inefficiencies and of course, staying ahead of the competition. We learn from the best to


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