14. December 2023, Bratislava
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Michaela Braun: Preview into the backstage of human resources (interview)

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Check out our new interview with our incredible HR manager, Miška Braun. In the interview, you’ll learn more about how she manages the world of human resources, what excites her every day, and what things she loves the most.

What is your role at EMARK Analytics? 

HR and Capacity Manager 

How long have you been working here? What was your journey to EMARK? 

In Emark, I’ve been for almost eight years. My first encounter with Emark happened during my university studies when Martin Kostič (CEO) came to lecture as a former graduate. At that time, I was working at a bank where the technology he spoke about was implemented. Perhaps that’s why I actively perceived his lecture, and Emark somehow stuck in my memory. When I was looking for a thesis topic, I contacted Emark, and besides the topic, I got a job. 

Regarding my journey, Martin once said that I am probably the most flexible person in the company in terms of diverse positions and agenda over time. I started with training, gradually transitioning into HR, taking over the entire area, along with various activities related to operations, invoicing, and more. With the arrival of Covid, we slowed down our previously very active hiring, creating space for a new challenge, so I shifted more towards project management and capacity planning. 

Currently, managing and executing processes in the classic “HR” and overseeing internal capacities on projects constitute the main part of my agenda. 


How would you describe your job position in more detail?

When we break it down into specific activities, my work involves participating in interviews, co-deciding on admissions, and setting conditions. Additionally, I handle formalities during the onboarding of new employees. Simultaneously, I take care of payroll and personnel matters, monitor the overall well-being of colleagues, and manage smaller projects from start to finish. I communicate with the sales department and oversee the smooth start of projects, actively managing the capacities of the technical team to ensure that colleagues are working on planned projects and that everything is in order. 

Complications often arise, especially on the client side, in projects. Either promised documents or validation struggles to kick off, or everything needs to start all at once. 


What does your typical workday look like?    

It greatly depends on which part of the month we are talking about and whether someone new is joining. At the beginning of the month, I ensure that all processes related to payroll and supplier invoicing are carried out. If necessary, I check logs and assist in clarifying issues with the invoicing of projects themselves. Newcomers often start on the 1st of the month, so I onboard them. Throughout the month, I handle contracts, check whether planned projects are running smoothly, and address ad hoc issues. I check with colleagues to ensure everything is in order. Additionally, I primarily work with Jira, Confluence, and Qlik, where I input data or verify loaded data, coordinating accordingly. Historically, I have always provided training for clients. And, most importantly, I communicate a lot—sometimes I feel like I spend 6 hours just making calls 😀. 

What career advice would you give to your younger self, five years ago? 

Believe in yourself a bit more. 

Outside of work, what do you most enjoy doing? 

I love movement, and when I don’t have it for a few days, I get grumpy 😀. So, running, yoga, hiking, and being in nature, in general, is something that really calms me down. 

What is your ideal vacation like? 

A combo of mountains and the sea. Let’s say it could be a week in the Italian Dolomites, and then a few days of relaxation on one of the beautiful beaches. However, since we’ll soon have a baby, ask me in a year, and the answer will be different. 😀 

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