26. April 2024, Bratislava
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Lukáš Neduchal: From work, through innovations, to his passion for music (interview)

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One of the most important people in EMARK is our Chief Advisory Officer, Lukáš Neduchal ( We talked with the native Brno resident about his journey to EMARK and how he manages to balance his passions, business and family.

What is your role at EMARK Analytics?

Chief Advisory Officer, Partner. As a member of the company’s leadership, I contribute to the operational functioning of the company and the overall strategy setting. Operationally, it involves primarily team leadership, responsibility for clients, and providing consultancy services and advice to our clients.

How long have you been working here? What was your journey to EMARK like?

It will be 7 years in May. After a long professional period spent at EY in the Czech Republic and subsequently in Slovakia, I agreed to collaborate in Bratislava with Martin Kostič and Ondrej Javorka, with whom I met as part of a joint consulting project. Since then, I’ve been with EMARK. My family and I live in Bratislava.

How would you describe your job position more closely?

I divide my working time into continuous project status monitoring, preparation of new business opportunities, and cooperation with business and licensing partners. This also includes a lot of administrative tasks related to the company’s operations and our subsidiary in the Czech Republic.

The second part of my job includes working with the team, devising strategy, and exploring new areas of the company’s activities. This involves proposals and implementation of new solutions that the company will focus on. Throughout this process, there’s an aspect of personal contact and teamwork with our business and delivery teams.

What does your typical workday look like?

My workday typically starts with checking the calendar, reviewing the daily plan, sorting through new emails, preparing for client meetings, and managing ongoing projects. I emphasize the smooth operation of all processes, including administration and cooperation with business partners. Then I focus on solving business and financial issues and challenges that arise during the day and building a partner ecosystem.

Typically, this means a lot of Teams or physical meetings. Conferences and meetings with colleagues and business partners are equally important parts of my workday. In the evening, it’s preparation for the next day and occasional business dinners. It’s important for me to come home at a reasonable time to spend quality time with my partner and our son.

What do you most enjoy doing, outside of work?

I most enjoy relaxing with music. I play piano, violin, and guitar as an amateur. When I was young, I played violin in a folk music band, and my love for Moravian and Slovak folklore is deeply rooted in me. Occasionally, I return to it with friends just for fun. As for sports, primarily tennis and skiing.

What is your ideal vacation?

It would last at least two months without interruption, mobile phones, computers, and would combine the sea, mountains, and forest.

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